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Sexy, glittery outfits. Frantic clubs filled with whooping and cheering. Crisp bills flying in the wind. The stripper life definitely has a lot going for it, but the perks of the job go far further than what you’d see onstage.

Strippers live an exhilarating lifestyle that’s characterized by a lot of freedom and a lot of self-love. The reality goes against much of the stereotypical Hollywood narrative that you might see portrayed in movies!

Let’s take a trip backstage and check out a whole host of reasons why you should become a stripper.

1. It Can Definitely Be A Great Source Of Income

If there’s one stereotype that does ring true, it’s that there are a lot of strippers paying their way through single motherhood, uni, and other high-expense periods in one’s life. It can be a very lucrative career.

2. You’re In Control Of Your Time

Hate being a morning person? Or just wanna decide to take a couple weeks off? In many cases, the stripper lifestyle is very similar to the entrepreneurial life—you’re your own boss, and you make money at your own pace.

3. It’s a Stress-Free Job

Getting chewed out by bosses for missing a deadline; or losing a client because who the hell even knows what they want? That’s not gonna happen here. The stripper lifestyle is all about putting your best, high-heeled foot out there and working your body onstage, doing what you love. Speaking of your body…

4. You Learn To Love Yourself And Your Body

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When you’re up on stage, giving it all you’ve got, and people are cheering you on, there’s nothing like the feeling you get in the moment. You’re flaunting it all out there, and your audience is loving you for it—and it won’t be long before you’re loving you too!

5. It’s A Great Workout

Dancers have great bodies for a reason, and strippers’ routines are very close to that. All that dancing will give you one hell of a bod to admire.

6. It’s Very Empowering

Why do people have this notion that strippers feel degraded by the attention they get? Outside of the unfortunate presence of the occasional sleazeball— strippers are powerful on stage! All eyes are on them, and they can control the pace for however long they’re up there. Of course, when they step down among the crowd, that’s when the real power begins.

7. You Get To Talk To And Meet A Diverse Array Of People

If you’re ever pulled in for a private dance, you’ll find that oftentimes, these people just want someone to talk to. In this case, you’re going to be talking to a whole lot of different kinds of people, sometimes in very vulnerable states. It’s not every job that lets you connect to so many. People often see the job as all about the dancing, but it’s really about being a great communicator and connecting with people.

8. You Can Still Work Your Day Job

As a stripper, your hours will almost exclusively start at night. That leaves you plenty of time to get things done in the daylight—and that can even include working another day job, or even running a business.


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Jokes aside—donning a suit every day to your 9-5 takes part of your soul. As a private dancer, you get to employ some creativity with how you dress (and eventually undress).

10. The Adventure

Bucks Night? Funky company retreat? Coming out party? Strippers are hired for all sorts of events, and you could find yourself at clubs, hotels, event centres, resorts—just about anywhere. Being a stripper gives you a whole load of opportunities to go to these events and enjoy them.


Like any job, the stripper life has its ups and downs. But it also comes with its own unique advantages that you won’t find anywhere else! If you seek to live a  life filled with excitement, and freedom, and adventure, you should consider giving stripping a try, it might just be the right career for you.

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