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female boobs in black bra. Sexy brunette. Candies in boobs. Fashion hot shot. Girl in black lingerie in hotel.

Few things can liven up a party like a beautiful, sexy girl taking her clothes off. This classic buck night staple has found its way into every kind of celebration – birthday parties, office soirees, holiday festivities, and even a regular get-together with the boys can be made that better with a little racy fun.

Here are seven questions you should ask before you finalise that enquiry.

1. How much am I shelling out?

Depending on the package you get, you could be paying on a per-hour, per-girl, or per-dance basis. A credible agency should have their rates readily available on their website, or if not, will be more than happy to give you a breakdown of the costs. Some entertainment agencies might require a security detail or have it already included in the price, so make sure everything is clear before you book. Don’t forget to add a little more to the budget for tips – our fun, gorgeous girls deserve it!

2. What kind of girls can I get?

female boobs in black bra. Sexy brunette. Candies in boobs. Fashion hot shot. Girl in black lingerie in hotel.

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All of our girls are guaranteed to be stunning, sexy, and a good time – they’re the whole package. If you prefer a certain look or if you’re planning something extra special (imagine: hot cream, toys, maybe even more…), most reputable agencies will have a gallery you can look through to find just the girl you want. Please note that not all strippers offer the same kinds of services. Still not sure? Contact us, and we’ll help match you with the perfect entertainer.

3. What type of entertainment can the girls provide?

Each girl has a playful personality and unique skill set that sets her apart from the others. All of them are trained and practised professionals, ready to strip down and get dirty, but some will even do girl-on-girl sets and XXX shows. Whether you want mild, raunchy fun or something that will make even the best of you blush, we’ve got a girl for you.

4. Can I hire a stripper for any location or venue?

One of the greatest things about strippers is that they can entertain you any time, anywhere – from extravagant boat cruises to the most intimate private parties. Always call ahead to your venue of choice to make sure that they can accommodate your entertainment. Agencies also usually have a list of stripper-friendly places they can recommend. 

5. Can we hire a same-sex stripper?

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Our stylish and sensual strippers are a huge hit at bucks’ nights… but it’s no surprise that the ladies want in on it too. Not all dancers cater to same-sex parties, so always let the agency know ahead of time if you’re booking an entertainer for a steamy girls’ night out. 

6. Is there a minimum or maximum on the number of guests? On the number of hours?

We have packages and strippers for every party size. Of course, the more mates you bring, the more we recommend hiring additional performers – just to make sure everyone is well-entertained. Some agencies do require a minimum number of guests (usually around four to five people).

Our strip shows usually run anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on what kind of show you book. The raunchier shows are also longer, so not only do you get an extra spicy night you’re guaranteed to never forget, but you also get to spend more time with our amazing, tantalising ladies.

7. Are there any other rules I should know about?

Once you lay your eyes on a beautiful woman – and of course, all of Nicola Buck’s girls are beautiful – it can be incredibly tempting to lay your hands on her as well. As a general rule though, it’s best to keep your hands to yourself; many strippers have a no-touching policy. Others might allow light touching or even a feisty slap on the butt, but make sure you get their consent first before doing anything! When in doubt, ask.

We also understand that you want to memorialize one of the craziest nights of your life – who wouldn’t? Just double check with the agency and the dancer for their rules on photos and videos. If they have any other rules, they’ll be sure to let you know before you book.

Now that you know the important questions to ask before hiring a stripper, what are you waiting for? Book one of Perth’s most glamorous, gorgeous girls, and throw the hottest party you and your mates will ever experience.

Featured image: © lashkhidzetim – stock.adobe.com

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