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Planning a buck’s night to end all bucks’ nights? There are a few things you’ll need: the groom (of course), his best mates, a venue, an ungodly amount of alcohol, and some drinking games to make sure everyone’s having fun and getting wasted.

From card games to games you can play wherever and whenever, here are some of the best drinking games for your next buck’s night.

Never Have I Ever

What you’ll need besides booze: Honesty and balls (the figurative kind).

This classic drinking game is a fun way to get drunk and learn more about your friends. The rules are simple. One player starts by saying a statement about something he has never done before, like “never have I ever jumped into a fountain.” If anyone in the group has done it, they have to drink. If no one in the group has done it, the player who said it has to drink!

Left Hand

What you’ll need besides booze: Good observational skills.

This one can be played the whole night. Before you guys head out, agree that you can only take a drink if you’re holding it in your left hand. That goes for beer, shots, or even just water. If anyone is caught using their right hand, they have to chug their drink. 

Beer Pong

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What you’ll need besides booze: A long table, red cups, ping pong balls, good aim, and a decent throwing arm.

Take it to the next level by turning your buck’s night into an old-school beer pong tournament. Split into teams of two. Each team will go head-to-head with another team.

Set up 6 cups on either end of the table in a triangle shape. Each team will take turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. If they’re successful, the opposing team has to drink. If not, the ball passes to the opposing team for the next turn.

These are just the general rules, so feel free to put your special spin on it! Add more cups, incorporate trick shots, or swap out beer for shots for an even wilder night.


What you’ll need besides booze: Quick thinking.

Everyone knows the game of Categories. Each round, you decide on a category (like “cars”, and everyone takes turns saying something that fits the category (like “Toyota Camry”). Put a buck’s night twist to it by making the categories about the buck himself—his favourite movies, things that annoy him, or if he was a player before settling down, the names of his *gasp* exes.

Toy Soldiers

What you’ll need besides booze: Someone willing to run to the toy shop and a bag of little green men.

Buy a bag of toy soldiers and make sure there’s enough for every party guest. Place them in a bag and have everyone pick one at random. Decide on a battle cry like “assume the position!” or “atten-hut”. When the best man yells it out, everyone needs to copy the position of their little toy soldier. Whoever is the last to do get into character either has to chug a drink or buy the next round.

Drunk Jenga

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What you’ll need besides booze: Jenga, a marker, a table, and a steady hand.

You’ll never play Jenga any other way again. Write questions and dares on some of the Jenga blocks using a marker. The wilder, the better! When someone pulls out a block, they have to complete the dare or answer the question. If they don’t want to, or if they accidentally knock down the tower during their turn, they have to down their drink.


What you’ll need besides booze: beer cans, tape, and your best battle strategy.

Wizard is a great buck’s night drinking game because the more you drink, the better your weapon….but also the drunker you’ll be. Whenever you finish a can of beer, you can add it to your wizard staff. Stack one can on top of another and tape it together. At the end of the night, have an all-out battle between you and your friends. Whoever’s staff is left unbroken (or still has the most beer cans left in their staff), wins!

Nicola Buck’s Babes: The Best Drinking Game Buddies

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