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If your mate’s buck’s night is gonna go as wild as planned, don’t think you can survive without some basic essentials. You don’t want a good night to go bad just because you weren’t prepared! Go crazy, by all means, but be smart about it and prepare a small survival kit for you, the groom, and the rest of your mates.

Hangover Kit

Are you doing a bit of drinking? Of course you are, it’s a buck’s night tradition. A hangover kit will help you go hard AND go home safe and sound. To handle the dreaded morning after, make sure your mates have the following at the ready:

  • Water, to rehydrate after a night of binge drinking
  • A sports drink, to get those much-needed electrolytes back
  • Sunglasses, to block out the bright sun
  • Coffee, to wake ‘em right up
  • A small snack, to combat the next-day stomach problems
  • Headache medicine, to save yourselves from the depths of hangover hell

You might wanna throw in an extra bottle of water in there to drink during the night. You know what they say, prevention is way better than a cure!

Freshness On The Go

There are a few things you need in your buck’s night kit to help you handle those extra sticky situations. You don’t know where you might end up going, what you end up doing, or who you might end up meeting—so always have these personal care essentials to help you stay fresh and clean during your buck’s night.

Always have deodorant, wet wipes, alcohol (the sanitizing kind), and a mint. Also never hurts to bring an extra pair of undies. We’re not saying you have to use them, and we hope you never have to, but you can’t be too careful. These items will keep any nasty mishaps from stopping the party in its tracks.

Dolla Dolla Bills

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There are just some things you don’t want showing up on your credit card statements. Always bring cash just in case! It comes in handy in case you accidentally lose your wallet. Or if you need bills to tip that stripper you guys hired. Because, duh, you’re definitely hiring a stripper!

Snack Attack

We always recommend that you have a big dinner before you have a night out on the town, but it can’t hurt to bring some snacks. After a fun-filled, activity-packed night, you’re bound to get a little hungry. Plan ahead and stash some crackers and you’ll avoid having to take care of a group of grumpy dudes with rumbling stomachs.

No Glove, No Love

While the buck is obviously the centre of attention for the night, that doesn’t mean the single guys in your group can’t have a little fun on the side. Have your mates’ backs by packing in some condoms and lube just in case things get a little frisky as the night goes on. They’ll thank you later!

Emergency Numbers

Everything from taxi numbers, the number of the hotel you’re staying at, and the contact deets of the bride back home. Keep a copy on your phone and jot it down on some cards (just in case your battery dies). If something comes up, you won’t be scrambling to call the right person.

Snaps For Chaps

What happens on buck’s night stays on buck’s night. You can keep the evidence off your phone while still making memories by using disposable cameras. Plus, there’s something fun about snapping away and getting them developed together. Very old-school.

Portable Party

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You know those mini-bottles of alcohol? Stock up for buck’s night. These are great for pre-gaming at home for topping up between pub hopping. Bring the gentleman’s touch to the night by buying some cigars for you and your mates. You’ll look and feel like a real class act… that is, until you start throwing back shots at the bar.

ID, Please

Keeping the group together all night is going to be hard work, especially if you guys start getting really drunk. To safety-proof the set-up, make sure everyone has their passport/an ID on hand, and a buck’s night “ID” that has their name, the name of the place you’re staying, and who to contact in case of an emergency. Don’t laugh, these makeshift IDs have saved many a groomsman (and the occasional buck) from wandering off into the night, blacking out, and not knowing how to get back!

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