Strapped for Money? Here’s How You Can Have a Blast with Less Cash 0

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Your mates keep asking you when and where your bucks party is going to be. The problem is you haven’t even begun planning yet because you’re strapped for cash.

It’s really nothing to get all in tatters over.

After all, you do have bigger things to think about, such as your wedding day which is right around the corner. As for the bucks party, you and your mates can have an awesome time to remember and for less money than you may figure.

First Things First: Get Your Mates Involved

It should be duly noted that a bucks party isn’t solely about you. As a matter of fact, if you were unfortunate enough not to have even a single friend, it’s likely you wouldn’t even be considering a bucks party in the first place.

No is saying a lad can’t throw himself a one-man, strippers only bucks party. However, it’s simply unlikely. With that said, rather than sitting about moping, ring your most trustworthy mates and lay it all out for them.

Don’t be shy to ask them to pitch in if they want to have a legit excuse to get plastered, party with a few sultry strippers, and come home at six in the morning without worrying too much about finding their belongings stung about the front yard.

Bucks parties are every man’s license to have one last blame-free night of excitement before they tie the knot. And, as has been customary for centuries, the groom’s mates have an unspoken duty to be sure their friend has a time of their life.

Purchase an Adult Entertainment Package All the Boys Can Enjoy

Nicola Buck Entertainment featured stripper

The highlight of every bucks party is a night of inebriation, wild activities, and, of course, a few smoking exotic dancers to make all of it a bit more memorable. However, many adult entertainment providers offer much more than stereotypical strip shows.

As the term suggests, an establishment like Nicola Buck Entertainment provides you with sexy but extremely talented ladies who possess an array of unique skillsets not found many places.

This means numerous adult entertainment packages are available ranging in price from $500 but not exceeding $4,500. Depending on how many of your mates pitch in, the priciest package, which is the River Cruise Package 3, would only require each guest to pitch in roughly $100.

And since each River Cruise Package is BYO drinks, there should be enough liquor to go around.

Pre and Post-Buck Party Adventure Ideas

It might be tempting to go all-out Neanderthal the day of your bucks party but it’s also a good idea to show how civilized one can be as well. For that reason, it’s a good idea to plan a pre-buck party get-together with a few of your primary guests.

And since you’re on a budget, it makes sense that you might not want to spend that much if anything on additional activities pre- or post-event. That’s what makes Perth such a great choice for such activities.

Below are some of the top picks from TripAdvisor.

GPS Adventure Tours

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If you and your mates are interested in the wilderness, GPS Adventure Tours offers four adventure-filled tour packages for just under $150 per person.

However, these tours last for 11 hours, which means this would be a good event to do a day or two before or after your Nicola bucks party.

The tours include locations such as Swan Valley, the Lancelin Sand Dunes, Nilgen Lookout, Pinnacles and Nambung National Park, among other places.

About Bike Hire

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Photo: Rawpixel / Adobe Stock

Whether or not you have cycling experience isn’t the issue but rather you’re fit enough to take on a full-length tour. If you and the boys are more into sightseeing.

About Bike Hire offers some awesome city tours that include Perth Bridges, Scenic Swan River, Kings Park, City to Sea and Beaches, among others.

If you’re interested in kicking your cardiovascular system in high gear, there are off-road mountain biking tours, road racing tours, and long distance tours that start in Perth and end in Albany. Other long distance tours include Rottnest Island, Sunset Coast, Freeway Ride, and a few others.

Elemental Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you don’t know how to surf but want to try something a tad similar, paddle boarding is a great way to introduce yourself to the more complicated sport of surfing.

The team of fully certified ASI & SWA instructors have been in the business for nearly a decade, which is assuring since you’ll be on the water with only a paddle board. They offer paddle boarding lessons in Point Walter, Leighton Beach, and Woodman Point.

Featured image: WavebreakMediaMicro / Adobe Stock

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