Raunchy Party Ideas for the Ho-Ho-Ho-Holidays 0

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Christmas parties are just about as wholesome as you can get, but here at Nicola Buck, we always find a way to turn something nice into something very, very naughty.

No matter how much you love your friends and family, you’ve got to admit that Christmas parties can be quite tame…and maybe even a little boring. On the one hand, it’s a nice, quiet break if you spend most of the year partying and having fun. On the other hand, why not add some spice to your next Christmas party?

Show your mates a jolly good time and throw a legendary Christmas party with these raunchy ideas for the holidays.

Send Naughty Or Nice Invites

Your invites will set the tone for the party. We love a good surprise, but this might be the one party you don’t want to shock your guests with. Let them know ahead of time what to expect so they can prepare themselves for a wild night.

Not everyone’s gonna be on-board with a debaucherous Christmas party, so you have to be ultra-selective with who you invite. Who says being on the naughty list was a bad thing? Invite your most open-minded friends to the party and you’ll surely have a great time.

Buy The Cookies, Milk, And…Booze?

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Nobody gets a party started like our three favourite boys: Jack, Jim, and Jose. When planning for your holiday party, don’t forget to set aside an ample budget for your drinks of choice. Whether that means classing it up with bottles of wine or going hard with some shots, alcohol is an absolute must-have at these raunchy holiday parties.

If you’re the kind of person who really commits to a theme, you can still channel the holiday spirit with your beverage selection. Go for festive cranberry jello shots or spiked egg nog that adults of all ages will enjoy. Just remember: drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive!

Prepare A Christmas Feast With A Twist

Put away your grandma’s turkey recipe and leave your table manners at the door—this isn’t your family’s Christmas Eve dinner. A sit-down dinner may seem too uptight if you’re trying to get your guests to let loose. Stick to bite-sized finger foods that you and your guests can enjoy while going around the party.

Take it up a notch with “naughty and nice” food. Naughty food can include deliciously indulgent snacks like deep-fried mozzarella sticks, roasted turkey bites, and anything wrapped in bacon. Go a little bit healthier for the nice food, such as fruit cups, veggie dip, or spinach wraps.

Play Naughty Games, Win Naughty Prizes

Shake things up by putting some adult games into the program. It can be anything, but the more people (and alcohol) involved, the better! Try a grown-up twist to a party classic, like Truth Or Dare Or Shot. Or Sexy Musical Chairs, where the game is exactly the same except you have to sit on someone’s lap. You could also keep it simple with a Christmas movie drinking game (more suggestions for that later).

Whatever game you decide to play, make sure you make it even more competitive by having prizes up for grabs. You don’t have to splurge here, even something as simple as a bottle of wine or dibs on leftovers will work. Because if we’re being honest, there’s no better prize than bragging rights…and having fun with your friends.

Put On A Raunchy Movie Marathon

Christmas movies aren’t always the wholesome family fare you think they are. Get your friends together to screen a back-to-back feature of some of the craziest holiday movies out there like The Night Before, Bad Santa, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, and Office Christmas Party.

Stretch out your definition of “Christmas movie” and you can even include favourites like Die Hard which is set during the holiday season. Close enough.

Give Sexy Souvenirs

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Leave your guests with lasting memories of your night of debauchery. Give them a tiny gift bag with alcohol-infused chocolates, funny novelty items, and maybe even condoms and lube if you’re feeling extra cheeky. You can even hire a photo booth to let your guests take home their own evidence–err, photos.

Invite Nicola Buck Or Her Girls

A surefire way to have the hottest Christmas party in town is to invite Perth’s hottest women! Get one of our gorgeous topless or bikini waitresses or babelicious strippers to play sexy Santa for you and your mates, and we’ll bring the party to you.

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