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Organizing an amazing bucks party can be the most daunting task for a best man. If you are one, we feel you. We already made lists after lists of tips for you over at our blog but we understand if you still can’t decide on what to do. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for your best buddy groom-to-be. You can’t mess it up!

So if you’re already at your wit’s end, we have two words for you: short cruises. Why not take your bucks parties on a party boat, with loud music, sexy girls, delicious food, and beer that can get you intoxicated until kingdom come. And since we KNOW this is a great idea, we compiled a list of companies that offer bucks party short cruise packages around Perth.

Read on! And you’re welcome.

1. BlueSun2 Boat Charters

BlueSun2 Boat Charters can organize your bucks party entertainment needs and boasts 15 years of knowledge in the industry. They offer a wide selection of charter boats that can hold up to 125 guests, manned by relaxed and friendly skippers who can keep your bucks party cruises safe and fun. The charter boats can take you down Swan River or out to Carnac or Rottnest Island while you let your groom and guests party away with private onboard sound systems and barbecues. Prices start at $250 per hour.

2. Pelican Charters

Pelican Charters is another company that offers bucks party cruises along Swan River, letting your mates celebrate away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If your groom’s fiancée is uncomfortable with the alcohol and strippers that most bucks parties have, Pelican Charters can take your crew down to Rottnest Island where the guys can bond over a few beers and adventures instead. Play cricket, have tug-of-war competitions, snorkel or scuba-dive into the Reefs, or go fishing all day. Pelican Charters is the alternative to wholesome bucks party ideas.

The website doesn’t show prices for their bucks party packages so feel free to visit their website or Facebook page to get price quotes.

3. Perth Party Cruises

If you want wider choices in your bucks party packages without breaking your bank accounts, try the packages from Perth Party Cruises. This company specializes in Swan River boat parties and they visit Rottnest and Carmac Island too. A bucks party from Perth Party Cruises is also perfect if you want to keep the crowd small, as in 40 to 50 people small. They have the cheapest bucks party packages so far depending on how long you want to keep the party going and where the crew wants to go.

  • 3 and a half hour cruise – $1,230 (Perfect for parties, special events, and midweek getaways)
  • 5 hour cruise – $1,750 (This is for parties with Rottnest, Garden, and Carmac Islands as destinations
  • 5 hour cruise on Holidays – $2,750 (This is the package offered on public holidays.)
  • 7 hour cruise – $2,420 (Party all day while cruising down Swan River or to Rottnest.)

Per head packages can go as low as $25 per head for a maximum of 50 people with flexible choices on food, drinks and entertainment options.

Rock the Boat Before you get Married!

Before you enjoy that bucks party cruise, take it a notch higher and take some of our girls with you! Head on over to our site and ask about our entertainment packages. The days before marriage are not your last days on Earth but we’ll make sure that you party just as hard.  

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