The Definitive Guide to Bucks Night Essentials 0

Before your mate gets married to his lovely fiancée, you have one last chance to take him out on the town and bid his bachelorhood goodbye.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to give the groom-to-be a night he’ll never forget.

The Groom & His Best Mates

The most important of all the night’s essentials is thankfully free: the right group of people. It’s going to be a crazy night of debauchery and fun, so make sure the buck is surrounded by the people he trusts and loves the most.

Extra Clothes

There’s no such thing as overpacking. Okay, there is – you don’t want to bring your entire closet to a weekend bender. But bucks nights can get pretty messy and chaotic, so it’s always good to be extra prepared in case someone spills a drink on you or “accidentally” swipes one of your shirts.

It also pays to pack even for things that aren’t on your itinerary. You wouldn’t want to take an impromptu trip to a fancy gentleman’s club in cargo pants, would you?

Food & Drinks

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What’s a bucks night without lavish amounts of booze and food? Find out what the groom’s favourite alcohol is, and make sure to have it on-hand. Don’t go too crazy though – pace yourself and drink responsibly. You have a whole night of activities ahead, so don’t blaze through several bottles in the first 30 minutes.

Getting sloshed is a time-honoured bucks night tradition, but don’t forget the food! Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and a delicious dinner is a great way to get you ready for the rest of the night. (And anyway, you should never drink on an empty stomach!)


You know what they say in business: location, location, location. This applies to your bucks night, too. You can party the night away anywhere, whether outside or in a private area you’ve rented for just you and your mates. No matter what you pick, make sure to call ahead and check if your entertainment of choice (like, ahem, strippers) are allowed at the venue.


Unless you’re planning to spend the whole night at a single place, you’re gonna need a way to get from Point A to Point B. Whether it’s as simple as a friend’s car (and a designated driver) or as extravagant as a party bus or limo, you should definitely plan your ride ahead of time.

Don’t throw caution to the wind! If you leave transportation arrangements for the very last minute, you’re going to be stuck trying to hail a cab while drunk at 3 a.m., and that’s nobody’s idea of a good time.


Happy friends having fun in pub by watching sport on TV together while drinking beer and cheering for team

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A buck’s party is a special event. You can’t go to the bar or club then just call it a night like it’s a regular Friday hangout with your mates. This is the buck’s last night as a bachelor, so make it count! The usual suspects are strip clubs, pub hopping, poker night — the list goes on and on. 

Having a set itinerary sounds pretty boring, but it saves everyone time on the bucks night itself if everything is already planned out. It also makes sure that there’s something happening throughout the day, so you aren’t constantly wondering what comes next and spending hours deciding what to do.

Girls, girls, girls

Ask any man what his dream bucks party would have, and I bet you that 99% of them will say the exact same thing: gorgeous, sexy women. Loads of them. Here at Nicola Buck Entertainment, we have a range of beautiful girls that are sure to be the cherry on top of your perfect night.

Hiring a stripper for a bucks night is as old a tradition as buck night itself. We have the hottest strippers in Western Australia, who can do everything from nude strips to XXX shows. We also have sexy poker dealers who you won’t want to take your eyes off of. Even your private dinners can be steamier with our topless waitresses, ready to cater to your every desire.

Are you ready for the Ultimate Bucks Night Experience? Book with Nicola Buck Entertainment now, and we guarantee a full night of sexy, debaucherous fun.

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