VR: The Future of the Strip Club Industry? 0

virtual reality in strip clubs

Imagine this scenario—you’re up for a night of alcohol and adult entertainment with your friends. You all decide to patronise a gentleman’s club, because hey, it’s that kind of evening. You see a new establishment downtown, in the place where all the clubs are, and you go in. It’s not like your usual place; you do business with the reception at the front, then you and your friends are led to private rooms. You’re handed a headset.

You put it on over your head and eyes and get it comfy. Then the software loads, images come to life, and soon enough, a stripper is giving you your very own lap dance in a plush club with all the right ambience, all within the confines of virtual reality.

Private VR Strippers

If high-tech entrepreneurs have their way, VR strip clubs—with VR strippers—may well be the future of the strip club industry. Thanks to the rise of virtual reality, it’s not just video games getting the immersive experience treatment; just about everything else, like movies and TV shows, are getting it too. And because the audiovisual material has begun to be integrated into VR headsets, adult entertainment isn’t too far behind. Some of your favourite porn sites already have VR video, but the industry is taking it to the next level with interactive virtual reality strip clubs.

There are already strip clubs in the United States that are adopting this new technology, thanks to the advent of an app that simulates not just a stripper dancing in front of you, but the actual interior of the club itself. VR strip clubs bring with them the promise of not just a cheaper gentleman’s club experience, but also the ability to import well-known stars in adult entertainment with just a click, that you can interact with in front of you. Or, at least, something like it.

A Migration Towards VR

dance pole in a nightclub

Strippers and pornstars have also been migrating towards the technology, mostly because it gives them greater leeway and freedom with their time. All they would have to do is record what would be their onstage performances, and the developers would handle the rest. Of course, they would no longer need to deal with the dangers of live performances, with include sometimes-unruly customers and patrons.

The Disadvantages Of VR

While VR strip clubs definitely have their advantages for both customer and performer, it still seems like a dystopian means of achieving adult entertainment. One could say that it’s something pulled straight out of a sci-fi story or film. The idea of transforming an authentic real experience – especially for bucks parties – into something merely digital feels cold and distant. If a VR stripper is easier and cheaper to tip, it’s only because the person is not really there in front of you.

In the end, you’re still just watching an interactive video with a pornstar. Once you lift up the VR helmet, you’re back in the real world, where the stripper you’ve been watching doesn’t really exist. It’s really no different from cam girls… It’s just a better-curated experience.

‘Authentic’ Experiences

VR just doesn’t hold up to the real thing when it comes to performances. Strippers who have worked as virtual strippers have also shared that it’s far more challenging to perform a realistic digital lap dance. While it’s less demanding physically, they would also have to overcome the difficulties maintaining the personal connection. If anything, that may result in a markedly different feel in the performance than if the stripper were in live and in person.

Nicola Buck Entertainment

And let’s face it—a group of friends at a bucks party sitting around with VR headsets just isn’t the same. We think you’ll agree that there’s nothing like a personalised and authentic experience.

Strippers like Nicola Buck Entertainment can still provide that top-notch sexy fun, whether it’s at a party or in the comfort of your home, all with the bang for your buck. Even if it’s not “high-tech,” you can be guaranteed a much better, more tantalizing experience, one that’s far more unforgettable than a dance on a cold, blue screen.

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