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Cryptocurrency has taken over the world. There aren’t any exact figures, but the number of users is likely in the millions all around the globe. More and more people are getting onboard the crypto train, and it seems like the adult industry is also getting in on this new trend.

This year’s seen a crazy development in adult entertainment: you can now pay strippers using cryptocurrency. It started gaining traction earlier this year in Las Vegas, and it looks like Australia is just about to follow suit.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital or virtual cash that you can use to pay for goods and services online. The hows and whys get a little bit technical, but it’s an increasingly popular mode of payment for the young and tech-savvy. Millions of people own some form of cryptocurrency and that number is growing every day – slowly becoming the money of the future.

Some popular cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Dash, and Ripple, but the one you’ve probably heard most about is Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency: The Future of Adult Entertainment?

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Just a few years ago, you would’ve found it hard to pay for anything using digital cryptocurrencies. But today, the list of things you can buy with it are endless: food, drinks, transportation, accommodation, college tuition, and yes – even sexy, naked ladies.

Some adult entertainment providers are accepting bitcoins and other electronic currencies when you make a booking, instead of the usual cash or credit. There’s also a way for you to make it rain (virtually speaking) and tip your strippers using cryptocurrency. A QR code temporarily tattooed on the girls’ bodies is strategically placed on their, ahem, most valuable assets. You can scan the code with your phone, and it automatically transfers your tip directly into their account.

Why Use Cryptocurrency to Pay for a Stripper?

If you’re used to the anonymity of cash or the convenience of credit, cryptocurrency combines the best of both worlds. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using electronic money the next time you hire a gorgeous lady of the night.

It’s Discreet

Cryptocurrencies aren’t connected to any banks or credit card companies, so you don’t have to worry about your, erm, activities showing up on your next billing statement. It’s totally anonymous and leaves no paper trail, so you never have to worry about your girlfriend or your boss finding tracing it all back to you. Nobody will ever find out unless you tell them…or get tagged in damning photos on social media.

It’s Convenient

With cryptocurrency, you can leave your wallet at home. Your phone acts as a digital wallet that holds all the virtual money you need to pay for the night’s entertainment. It’s as easy as scanning a QR code – conveniently located on a beautiful, half-naked woman taking her clothes off – and voila! Your stripper gets paid instantly. The only drawback is that it’s so easy, you could go overboard with the tips…but we’re not complaining. These gorgeous girls deserve it.

It’s Safe

Having your cash or cards stolen during a wild night of debauchery is a definite mood-killer. Your virtual cash is stored on your account online, so even if you lose your phone (which is a major bummer, don’t get us wrong), you won’t lose any of your money.

It’s also safer for the stripper – all the e-money you tip her goes straight into her personal cryptocurrency account, so she doesn’t have to deal with judgmental banks or suspicious middlemen.

It’s Modern

Using cryptocurrency is an opportunity to show off in front of your mates and impress the ladies. It makes you look ahead of the curve compared to your less tech-savvy pals. Tipping your stripper in bitcoins is one way of letting everybody know who’s the baddest boss of the bunch.

Using electronic money like bitcoin is a safe, secure way for you and your mates to have a hassle-free night. Trust us, you don’t want to fall behind on this new and exciting tech trend. Contact us now and see how you can book one of Nicole Buck’s beautiful girls using your own cryptocurrency.

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